complete noob- 3 days lost in this thus far

Joseph Apuzzo japuzzo at
Fri Nov 19 13:51:47 EST 2004

> i have an old pentium 1 200Mhz w/ a 4G HD, and i
> want it to feed filtered net traffic (antivirus,
> firewall, ip blocking) to this xp machine im on now
> so it doesnt use its cpu on those tasks. Id also
> like to offload filesharing onto it, such that i can
> share & download to network folders here.

Have you seen IPCop?

> so far ive figured out how to use rawrite, and that
> hda means the volumes first partition, and that
> reboot will restart the machine.
> ive looked at a few small distros, and some provide
> seemingly concise instructions, but when i get into
> it, i wind up completely lost. at the moment im
> trying to install puppy, and it wants me to first
> put parts of the iso on the hd, 
> tiny linux had me using 14 floppies, and i got to
> where i could logon as root, but never got further
> because 12 of 14 disks didnt have the files on them
> the way it wanted.

As a Debian convert, I would have to say that the new
Debian installer should do the trick. You only need 4
Floppies and if you have a connection to the internet
( aka DSL or Cable ) you can easly install from there.


The advantage of Debian is that you can easly add
software right from the internet. Debian has the most
compleat set of "ready to install" apps.

> i could really use some advice here....fumbling
> through and figuring it out as i go along is proving
> to be a terrible time-sucker.
> im adept enough in windows to get through most
> anything- im just learning about networking, tho...
> i found your site yesterday, and someone in the irc
> told me id do well to use this meduim so here i am.
> thanks, everyone.

I'm sure if all else fails, one ( or more ) of us
could hook you up with some install CD's at our next
meeting on Dec. 6

Joseph Apuzzo
GNU/Linux Aficionado

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