Meeting Notes for December: Building an IoT Weather Station

Thu, 12/28/2017 - 16:21 -- JackC

300 Rockefeller Hall, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Lightning Talk

Matthias Johnson: Robot Wars

Matt attended an event in Catskills, along with his School Team, in a Robotics event challenge. Matt presented video of the event as well as a short description of the challenge

Main Talk

Sean Dague: Building an IoT Weather Station

Sean presented his 10-year evolutionary experience with building a Weather Station from the ground up.

Although pre-made stations were generally available, they didn't offer a desirable solution.

Starting Generation 1 with Homegraph and X10 radio-linked hardware, he established his weather station (KNYPOUGH7)with Weather Underground. A lightning hit or three necessitated some hardware changes, so he moved to RaspberriPi and WiFi links.

Generation 2 brought Pyhome and an eventual move to MySQL and an external server.

Other changes eventually brought him to the current Generation 4 system - ARWN (Ambient Radio Weather Network - Any resemblance to family mamber names surely is pure conicidence....) and extensive use of MQTT.

Sean presented lots of details concerning his decisions along the way, methods of gathering and presenting data and many of the considerations you need to have in mind when producing weather information, wither for your own use or for General Consumption.

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