Meeting Notes for June: IPv6: Why and How

Mon, 07/03/2017 - 11:53 -- JackC

Room 300, Rockefeller Hall, Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Lightning Talks

Sean Dague: Speech to Text - Sphinx, Watson, Google-Transcript

Sean was playing around with speech recognition. Working with three available methods, he presented the results of parsing audio files through each of Sphinx, Watson and Google Transcript, along with a short analysis of the accuracies (and inaccuracies!) of each. Some interesting data was presented, showing that there is a bit of variation in the computer-based abilities to understand what peoople are saying.

Interesting utility: Found by Sean while working with these files was 'wdiff' - a handy utility for discerning differences in large text files, since use of the more generall 'diff' would just give huge blasts of what was differenc (and methods to make them the same) bewteen files - something that was pretty useless for this analysis.

Main Talk

Jack Chastain - IPv6 Update

MHVLUG was presented with a talk in 2011 about IPv6. It seems very little has really changed (with respect to desktops, at least) since then. What was hoped to be a talk on how to impliment IPv6 on your system became essentially a treatise on how your ISP has not yet given you (much) ability to do sol.

The state of IPv6 use through the world was shown, and it was noted that overall, Wireless devices (cell phones and such) are really the only prevalent users of the addressing method. NAT addresses have allowed the providers, who have b en "out" of new address ranges for years now, to continue using the older IPv4 scheme without much in the way of forced changes.

Some alternative methods (6to4 tunneling, etc.) were quickly discuessed, as well as the basic differences between v4 and v6 methods. Good discussion after the talk regarding some specifics.

Pictures to follow, once I get them


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