Meeting Notes for July: Mad Science Fair

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 12:38 -- JackC

Auditorium, Our Lady of Lourdes HS, Poughkeepsie, NY

This month is one of our favourite things - the Mad Science fair, where folks get some time to show off things they have been working on - some working, some maybe not so much - to a appreciative and curious audience!

This year, we had NINE (!) presenters. There were no lightning talks and after a brief intro by Sean, everyone just dove right in!


Ed Nisley - lights and things. 
Tamer Abuelsaad: Power of the Landline - getting power from the telephone line
Sean Swela 3D printing for "cheap" - featuring a working 3D printer that "didn't cost much" - at least until the repairs started....
Joe Apuzzo: old video games on RPi (RetroPie)
Mat Treinish: headphone amp featuring (gasp!) TUBES!
Eric: RPi camera and Hotspot. (Not working yet)
        RPi wifi repeater (Nearly working... needs some work)
Sean Dague : Home assistant in a box.
Mike Muller: keyboards, accustical stuff, sequencing - all on a Rpi.
Mathias Johnson: DJ and lights.

For a full set of images of the event, see our Meetup Page!

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