Meeting Notes for March: 14th Anniversary Meeting - Raspberry Pi

Thu, 03/16/2017 - 11:19 -- JackC

14th Anniversary Meeting!

Main Talk: Joseph Apuzzo - Raspberry Pi

The Pi has been a popular platform for hobbiest use for some time now. Joe presented some background for the tiny computer board, indicationg current state of the equipment and what can be expected to work on older boards.

The RPi is a modern version of the BBC Micro PC. Joe covered the different board archetectures and releases, as well as considerations such as the need for a "Good Power supply"  (capable of 1A or better), Header Layout, inclusingf how to use certain power pins, and Things To Pay Attention To.

Joe also covered certain aspects of prototyping with the board - including good sources for things like wire jumpers that easily connect to the neaders, available OS loads and what the Maker can expect - and what they should NOT expect.

Don't Forget! Mad Science Fair will be in July! Get your ideas underway now!

Lightning Talks

Just one Lightning talk tonight:

Al Jachimiak: Magic Mirror

Al is making a Magic Mirror RPi project - This is a project that merges a mirror and an old flatscreen monitor, creating a neat little information center that is unobtrusive and Always Online. Al showed how the mirror will look when completed and gave the group information about how far along he iis with the construction.

After the main part of the meeting - we ATE one! A Raspberry Pi that is. Patrick Ladd once more out-did himself and though he was unable to attend, forwarded an absolutely amazing RPi Cake! Computing never tasted so good.


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