Technology and Real World Uses of FreeIPA with Red Hat

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, April 4th 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Matt Smith

FreeIPADo you need to manage users and access for thousands of Linux servers? Or maybe just for a few Linux desktops and your NAS at home? Are you using Ansible, but haven't yet figured out how to manage SSH keys or access into your hosts? Matt Smith, Red Hat's Chief Architect for the Northeast US, will dive deep into FreeIPA - an open source project to deliver users, groups, and security policy management for Linux servers. Along the way, Matt will:

  • demystify Kerberos and LDAP, and explain why they are a critical part of most large I.T. organizations
  • describe how Red Hat Identity Management (Red Hat's productization of FreeIPA) is being used by I.T. organizations to secure large Linux environments
  • explain how FreeIPA can be used to improve the security of your Ansible operation
  • talk about his personal usage of FreeIPA for his family's desktops and home network.

Matt Smith
Chief Architect, Red Hat, Inc.
@rhmjs |

As Chief Architect, Matt is responsible for helping Red Hat customers achieve their key business transformation initiatives through open source architectures and technologies. He regularly advises Fortune 100 enterprises across a wide range of industries, on topics such as Digital Transformation, IT Modernization, and the changing landscape of Security and Risk in Technology.

Matt has strong opinions on VIM being the only editor one could possibly need, tabs being the only correct way to indent, Python being the one true systems language, LDAP being the best NoSQL implementation ever, Kerberos being the only right way to secure authentication, and porters and stouts being the only "real" beers - and also enjoys engaging a good debate.

Matt joined Red Hat in 2013, bringing two decades of IT experience ranging from development and system administration to management, strategy, and architecture.  Matt has knowledge in many areas of technology, with a particular interest in identity & access management and managing the risk of change, and greatly enjoys bringing Open Source solutions to the enterprise.

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