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DIY 3D Printing and the Makerbot Thing-o-Matic

Meeting Date: 
Wednesday, September 7th 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Ed Nisley

If you can draw a thing on a computer display, a 3D printer can (probably) put a plastic thing in your hand. Whether you're interested in art objects, prototype products, or repair parts, a 3D printer may be exactly what you need to convert your great ideas into tangible hardware.

For example, you can go from this ...

Printed helmet mirror mount

... to this ...

... in about an hour. What's not to like?

Ed will discuss what 3D printers can and cannot do, the differences between $10k commercial 3D printers and $1k build-it-yourself 3D printers, what you can expect from contemporary DIY printers, and how to go about creating printable solid models.

The Lords of Cosmic Jest permitting, Ed's Thing-O-Matic printer will produce some parts during the course of the presentation.

Notice: There. Will. Be. Tchotchkes!

Pix from the meeting are there.

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Mid Hudson Library System Auditorium

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